Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pre-Oscar Party in Hollywood

Liberace's star on Hollywood Boulevard
I drove up Wednesday night with Jacqueline to the New-Line Cinema Pre-Oscar Party in Hollywood. It was at the club, Mood, on Hollywood Boulevard. We had a hard time finding it because parts of the boulevard was blocked off as they set up for this weekend's Oscars. We ended up parking at the Kodak Theatre and walking through all the scaffolding and around the bleachers before we found the club a block away.

Blurry camera phone shot of group leaving club
We had no problem getting into the club because we were on the list. We met up with Allie and the rest of the group who were already inside. We had a fun time dancing and hanging out. I didn't get home to Encinitas until after 4:00 in the morning. I was pretty tired, but at least I didn't have to go straight to work at 4:30 like Allie did.

Jacqueline posing after leaving the club

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  1. This is who is/are the hotties you were with. I just worked across the street from there and got a tour of the Kodak Theatre. what was really cool is that we got to take photos inside which they don't let people do.
    I also have a great signed copy of a book about hollywood. My mom is borrowing it and I will let you borrow it when she is done.