Saturday, November 21, 2015

AcroYoga Jams at Aerial Revolution

Since we haven't been working at Trapeze High on Saturdays, we have been able to go to the AcroYoga Jams at Aerial Revolution that day instead. There are a lot of talented people at the jams who are very helpful. Jordan worked with Tori and taught her several new tricks and she finally completed her first successful hand-to-hand. Yay!

While I have not been able to base while injured, I have continued learning by watching and spotting others. Jennine and her niece came to the Jam with us and had fun learning the basic AcroYoga positions.

Update: 12/19/15

With AcroLove coming up soon, the Jam was super crowded this Saturday with lots of high level AcroYogis. Several were practicing a more intense version of acrobatics called Icarian Games where the base flips, twirls and spins the flyer with his feet. Below is two of them working on a high flying trick called the Full Castaway.

Jennine and Corinna joined Tori and I on Saturday and the three of them took turns basing and flying each other while I helped spot. After a fun afternoon of AcroYoga, we went to dinner together at Tio Leo's nearby.

Update: 12/26/15

The day after Christmas, Jill and Kenny joined us at the Saturday Jam.

Afterwards, we went out to dinner at El Zarape in Normal Heights. They had tasty margaritas and the food was much, much better than Tio Leo's.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Flying Trapeze - Cameron (5 Years Old)

Tori's friend, Harmony, was in town from Japan so we we went out to Trapeze High to see them today. While Harmony owns a flying trapeze troop in a traveling Japanese circus, she was staying in Dave and Lindsay's trailer so her two little daughters could practice on a rig with safety lines. Cameron and Tatum were so cute!

While Tatum was not as excited about flying as her older sister, Cameron loved it. Five year old Cami went up again and again to practice her tricks. Since she already knew how to land in the net safely, she didn't wear the heavy safety lines except for learning new tricks. It was funny to see how the net hardly bounced when either of them landed in it. It was fun hanging out with them and going out to dinner at Pho Saigon Express afterwards.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Flying Trapeze - Line Pulling

Tori and I recently stopped working every Saturday at Trapeze High. With my hip flexors injury, I haven't been able to catch and Tori is a little burned out from catching both classes. Since she is still available as a substitute catcher, we went out this morning to work the first class for Chris.

While I can't catch, it was fun working on my safety line-pulling skills. I can get tongue-tied at times so the hardest part is shouting out the rapid commands for the flyers. (Plus, trying to avoid a crink in my neck by looking up too much.)

One of today's flyers turned out to be Sarah, who was in the same class when Tori tried flying trapeze for the first time many years ago. Now Sarah is back after a long layoff and getting her Knee Hang caught by Tori.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Halloween and AcroYoga at Swami's

We didn't dress up for Halloween this year but we still went trick-or-treating with our niece, Nyla, and her older brothers, Ryder and Emery. There was a lot of people on Neptune Avenue as we made our way down to Stone Steps and back. Ryder had a big fishing net for his candy which I ended up carrying for him after it got too heavy.

Even though I am resting my injured hip flexors, we went to Swami's Beach so Tori could practice her AcroYoga at the Sunday gathering. Tori wanted to learn the Foot to Hand position so she worked with Amanda on several variations of Throne before standing up in the base's hands. Tori picked it up very quickly and looked very stable.

After learning the safe way to fall out of Star, Tori practiced her Free Star with a renewed confidence. Before we left, she made several attempts balancing in the difficult Hand to Hand position but she could only hold it for a couple seconds at a time. She wants to work on her handstand so she can hold it longer.