Saturday, November 21, 2015

AcroYoga Jams at Aerial Revolution

Since we haven't been working at Trapeze High on Saturdays, we have been able to go to the AcroYoga Jams at Aerial Revolution that day instead. There are a lot of talented people at the jams who are very helpful. Jordan worked with Tori and taught her several new tricks and she finally completed her first successful hand-to-hand. Yay!

While I have not been able to base while injured, I have continued learning by watching and spotting others. Jennine and her niece came to the Jam with us and had fun learning the basic AcroYoga positions.

Update: 12/19/15

With AcroLove coming up soon, the Jam was super crowded this Saturday with lots of high level AcroYogis. Several were practicing a more intense version of acrobatics called Icarian Games where the base flips, twirls and spins the flyer with his feet. Below is two of them working on a high flying trick called the Full Castaway.

Jennine and Corinna joined Tori and I on Saturday and the three of them took turns basing and flying each other while I helped spot. After a fun afternoon of AcroYoga, we went to dinner together at Tio Leo's nearby.

Update: 12/26/15

The day after Christmas, Jill and Kenny joined us at the Saturday Jam.

Afterwards, we went out to dinner at El Zarape in Normal Heights. They had tasty margaritas and the food was much, much better than Tio Leo's.

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