Sunday, January 27, 2019

Acro Gymnastics Mock Meet (Flip Force)

Tori and I have been practicing Acro for the last few years so it was very fun to watch our friends’ daughters compete in an Acro Gymnastics Mock Meet on Sunday. This practice meet was held at Flip Force with teams visiting from the Cal Elite gym. In Acrobatic Gymnastics, the routines are similar to the well-known gymnastic Floor Exercise with a Pair or Trio dancing and tumbling to music, transitioning into acrobatic balancing poses as well as adding dynamic tosses with the Base(s) pitching and catching the Top who twists and somersaults in the air.

Cindy's daughters performed first with their respective Trios. Maya and Vanessa were the Middles (Mids) in their groups, a position which combines the strength and balance of the Base with the flexibility and agility of the Top. It was cool to see the girls who I have caught in Flying Trapeze, doing so well in this exciting sport. Maya's Trio has been selected to the National Team in the 11-16 Age Group.

Cami and Tatum both competed as Tops in their respective Pairs. After living for many years in the circus, traveling through Japan with their parent's Flying Trapeze Troupe, they are back in the States and using their circus training and experience to excel in Acro Gymnastics. They are natural performers.

Tatum's Pair was Level 6 and she had a big smile throughout her routine. My favorite picture is of her older sister giving her two thumbs up as Tatum stands in a Two High near the end of her routine.

We also got to see the B.E.E Trio perform from Cal Elite, one of the three woman's groups in the Junior 12-18 National Team for USA Gymnastics. They performed at very high level with impressive standing acrobatic poses and they tossed their Top high into the air. They will compete in Belgium this year.

Their Triple Handstand Pose with the Top balancing on their feet was my favorite and I especially like the dismount as she rolled down the back of the Middle's legs.

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