Saturday, April 21, 2018

AcroYoga - Noah the Reluctant Flyer

I love basing but flying is definitely out of my comfort zone. Here is Jesse basing me in my first Mono Reverse Star.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Trapeze High Spring Spectacular Show

Trapeze High Spring Spectacular Show was this weekend and while I didn't fly or catch this time, I took photos and videos for the performers.

Before the Flying Trapeze began, there were several circus acts to warm up the crowd. Tatum began with her Quick Change Act before Isaac performed his Balloon and Balancing Acts. Cami's wowed the crowd with her contortions before joining Vanessa, Maya and Tatum for their Acro Girls performance under the trapeze net.

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There was lots of great flying with a big variety of tricks! Isaac, Tommy, Chris, and Nick worked hard to catch all the Flyers in their troupes.

Lianna - Layout Catch (Catcher - Isaac)

Angela - Uprise

Lianna - Double

Jessica - Cutaway Half

Tatum - Legs Catch (Catcher - Tommy)

Vanessa - Splits Catch (Catcher - Tommy)

Gina - Turnaround

Reese - Whip

Celeste - Birdie

Betty - Knee Hang Catch (Catcher - Chris)

Jeri - Pump Shoot Catch (Catcher - Chris)

Cami - Splits Catch (Bonus Trick: Holding an upside down standing splits in Chris’ hand.)

Gina - Half Time Full Twisting Straight Jump Catch (Catcher - Chris)

Reese - Shooting Star Catch (Catcher - Chris)

Cami - Russian Splits

Chris - Cradle Net Trick

Trapeze High Show Performers Line-Up

Here is the Highlights Video I created from my GoPro Camera that I placed up high on the Trapeze rig next to the Catch Trap. I was curious how all the flying trapeze tricks would look all cut together rapid-fire and I think it came out pretty well.

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After the Trapeze performance, Lianna and Kenny demoed a two-person Kiiker Swing for any of the audience who wanted to try it. For those not confident enough to attempt it on their own, they could go over the top with a more experienced swinger.

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Come take a class at Trapeze High and start learning these fun tricks too!

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Trapeze & Kiiker (Welk Spring Fling Festival)

This is the second year that Trapeze High has set up their rig on the golf course of the Welk Resort. To get it ready for the weekend Spring Fling Festival, we erected the rig on Friday. The crane bars went up pretty quickly but it took until 4 to finish setting up the net.

The festival opened at noon on Saturday and I worked up on the board for the first two hours while Tori manned the waivers tent. I spent most of the time lifting little kids so they could reach the bar. Lots of new flyers were able to try flying trapeze for the first time. Hopefully, they will be excited enough by this taste of circus to come take a class at Trapeze High in Escondido where they will learn some tricks and have them caught by a catcher.

Dave set up his new 11' Kiiking Swing next to the Trapeze Rig. While a lot of people attempted it, only a few managed to get over the top. Squatting over and over again against the heavy g-forces at the bottom of the swing is a hardcore legs workout! Dave and Lianna strapped in several times to demonstrate for the crowd. After coming down from a shift on the trapeze rig, Dave asked if I wanted to demo it as well. This was only my second time on the Kiiker but I had much more control this time. No more yelps of fear as I went over the top. Ha!

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