Thursday, November 01, 2018

30 Day Handstand Challenge

Tori and I have completed our 30 Day Handstand Challenge with a group of friends. The challenge was to pose in a handstand for 60 seconds every day in October. Each day, we would group text a photo or video of our progress to keep each other accountable. From the beginning, Tori was able to hold it for the entire minute but it took me at least two handstands each day to reach my time quota. I started at 27 seconds the first day, reaching 45 seconds by Day 9 and completed a full minute with one handstand by Day 12. My form definitely improved and I was able to pop up against the wall on my first try, most of the time. While most days, we just practiced our handstands against the bedroom wall, Tori and I did have fun posing in a few different locations on the weekends.