Saturday, November 25, 1995

My new Honda Del Sol

I finally got a great car that I have wanted for awhile. I bought a 1993 Honda Del Sol after my crappy, overheating Honda CRX broke down for the last time.

Noah, Daphne, Kent & Pattison with new Honda Del Sol

Monday, November 06, 1995

Cross-Dress Halloween

I tried something different this Halloween. I decided to dress up as a women this year, even if that meant having to shave my legs. I spent the whole day in costume, including going to all my college classes. The costume was a big hit with all the girls in the halls and in my classes. With quite a few girls commenting that they wish they had my legs, I discovered that my embarrassingly skinny man-legs are just right for a women. Just my luck! After school, I headed over to Scott's house for his Halloween Party. The picture of Dave and me at the party is my favorite.

Noah on Halloween
Dave and Noah on Halloween
Shauna was a huge help getting ready for Halloween. I stayed at her house the night before where she applied the nail polish and put on my make-up in the morning. She found the perfect dress for me from her closet and lent me the proper accessories to finish off the costume. Lots of Laughs! Below is the before and after pics.