Saturday, November 17, 2012

Flying Trapeze - I'm a Catcher!

I had been working on my catch-lock for a couple months now so I can become a Flying Trapeze Catcher. My first goal was to catch my girlfriend, Tori, by the end of the year and I completed it today, a month early. After Tori coached me through several practice locks, she announced that I was finally ready to catch her. I felt confident but still a bit nervous.

Here is the 30 second video of my 1st Catch of Tori's Knee Hang. With the added pressure of a flyer behind me on the board, it wasn't as smooth as my practice locks, but I pulled it off.

Here is the video of my 2nd Catch. Much smoother, but I was completely exhausted after releasing Tori to the net.

I am very happy this evening, but I am also very sore. Wayne had given me some knee pads to cushion the back of my knees on the catch bar but I forgot to wear them. I will also have to build up my endurance. Tori can catch two full classes in a row. Up to 32 catches in a day!