Monday, June 21, 2010

Food at the San Diego County Fair

I ate quite a bit of junk food at the San Diego County Fair (Del Mar Fair) yesterday with Chad, but that's why we go. Isn't it?

Chad ordering an ear of corn at the San Diego County Fair
Grilled Corn on the Cob at the San Diego County Fair
My first stop is always Pignotti's, half-way down the main strip. Every year I have to get one of their meatball sandwiches, my favorite. It is not very big, but I don't know which part is best, the perfect meatballs, the savory sauce or the buttery-garlic bread. After sprinkling liberally with Parmesan cheese, I devour it quickly. Next year, I will have to try the interesting-looking spaghetti and meatball sandwich. Chad began his day with an ear of corn hot off the grill.

San Diego County Fair
Best Meatball Sandwich is at Pignotti's
After checking out the cool photos at the photography exhibit, we went for more food at Ten Pound Buns. Chad got the Latin Lover with cheese and jalapenos. I ordered The Ultimate, the full slice of buttered sourdough bread slathered with mozzarella and cheddar cheese, pepperoni, tomatoes, red onions, and nice mixture of cilantro, basil and garlic. It is so large, it sits across two paper plates.

Chad in front of Ten Bound Buns
The Ultimate at the San Diego County Fair
I also like to try something crazy every year and this trip, I tried the chocolate-covered bacon. I was a bit disappointed, they just handed me a container out of a cooler with 4 pieces inside. I think I was expecting to see sizzling bacon with chocolate being poured on top or something more theatrical. It tasted okay, nothing special.

Noah buying cinnamon rolls at the San Diego County Fair
San Diego County Fair food stands at night
Like always, I get a cinnamon roll covered with cream cheese frosting at one of the Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls stands. I also bought a slice of Rocky Road fudge from the Mackinac Fudge stand to take home with me. Love it!