Sunday, March 25, 2018

Deer Park Monastery Hike (with Trapeze Fun)

Tori and I went out to Trapeze High and went for hike up to Deer Park Monastery with Lindsay. The Vietnamese Buddhist Sanctuary was founded in 2000 by the followers of the 91 year old monk, Thich Nhat Hanh. It was a 1.7 mile hike up into the 400 acre property to reach the small white statue of Buddha. Chimes hung from the trees, with decorative rocks spread out to form a small labyrinth, a butterfly and the word, Love.

Nearby, a small three tiered Pagoda overlooks the hills of Escondido. We relaxed on the cushions inside, listening to the small singing bells before hiking back down. I had forgotten my shoes so it was a bit tough on my sandaled feet during the last section of the 3.4 mile hike.

Before the hike, I flew for the first time with the heavy bar. The thinner bar was torture on my hands until Lindsay lent me her grips. With my legs almost straight, the video below was my best Man Splits of the day. I also climbed up into the catch trap and did some locks. I felt a little dizzy after 5 so I came down. I hope this dizziness isn't a reoccurring thing for me.

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