Sunday, December 17, 2023

Lake San Marcos Cross (Cerro de las Posas Mountain)

On Sunday, we hiked the Sunset Trail from San Elijo Hills Park to climb the Cerro de las Posas mountain. The first part was up and down until we reached the steep section of the climbing trail after Lighthouse Road. In the canyon below we could see the concrete dam along the San Marcos Creek. It was originally built in 1946 to create a 40 acre lake for irrigation and watering cattle.

As we walked above the long tail of the narrow lake, we reached the eight pointed cross overlooking the unincorporated town of Lake San Marcos. In 1963, the property was purchased by developers who raised the height of the dam, increasing the lake’s size to 80 acres and built homes, resorts, and marinas along the reshaped shoreline. We have been to the lakefront restaurant in the past for a Christmas dinner.

We continued our hike up the mountain to reach the transmission tower on the 1,207 foot peak. The trail looped around the summit and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset as we descended. Our total hour and fifteen minute hike was 2.73 miles by the time we returned to my truck. It was a nice workout climbing the 728 feet of elevation gain along the trail.

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