Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Robert's Bachelor Trip to Laughlin, Nevada

I drove out with Chad and Scott to Laughlin, Nevada on Memorial Day Weekend for the Bachelor Party of our friend Robert. He is getting married next month and then he is going to Iraq for a year with the Army Reserves.

We all stayed at the Edgewater Hotel & Casino. What is cool about Laughlin is that you get the gambling of Vegas but you also have the outdoor activities of the Colorado River flowing alongside the casinos and Lake Mohave right up the road.

The first day we rented a speedboat and cruised around on Lake Mohave and did a little wakeboarding. We also found a nice cliff to jump off of while checking out all the little inlets along the lake shore.

I drank more beer this weekend than I normally drink all a year. We had a fun time gambling (mostly blackjack), cruising along the boardwalk and going to the dance club at the Golden Nugget. John was able to get us in the VIP entrance so we didn't have to wait in the huge line.

Jeff brought his own boat and we cruised the Colorado River on our last day. The river water below the dam was freezing. Robert ended up passing out on the riverbank after pulling an all-nighter at the blackjack table.