Sunday, October 12, 2014

Flying Trapeze - Hocks Off

With my shoulder healthy again, I started learning a new trick today, the Hocks Off. I want to throw it to a catcher in the Friends and Family Trapeze Show next month. I first attempted the two-position Hocks Off before switching to performing it at the back end of the swing where I would bring my legs up around the bar. Swinging back to the front, I would hook my legs onto the bar at the knees and unfold my body to reach out towards the catch trap before letting go with my legs to drop to the net. Below is the video of one of my early attempt fails. My left foot caught briefly in the safety lines, throwing off all the timing. I fell headfirst towards the net but I was able to tuck it around to my butt.

The second video is my best one of the day. I reached out for the catch bar and landed smoothly to the net. It was catchable, but I still need to work on making the trick snappier. I am too slow reacting to each command.

Update: 10/19/14 On Sunday, Wayne was available to try and catch my Hocks Off. We caught it all three times, but this last one was the best.