Sunday, September 06, 2020

Burning Man 2020 (Trapeze High)

Even with Burning Man 2020 cancelled this year due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we still managed to have our own Man Burn at Trapeze High. The Man was only 4 feet high and dressed in a gasoline-drenched Burner Express Air t-shirt, but he went up in flames quite nicely. Even though we didn't have any fire dancers or fireworks during the Burn, we had an Art Bike pumping electronica music accompanied by a two man drum circle.

The one benefit of a Backyard Man Burn is there were no Black Rock Rangers to keep us from roasting marshmallows in the flames for S’mores.

Encinitas is definitely not Black Rock City, but I still had fun wearing one of my Burner Outfits while shopping at Target and Trader Joe's on Sunday. It made wearing a mask feel more normal! Ha!

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Sunset AcroYoga at Beacons Beach

We went back to our local beach at sunset to practice our AcroYoga. The tide was low this weekend so we had more room to play. We received a loud cheer in the distance while performing our hands-free Needle Shoulderstand. They walked over afterwards and we had a nice chat. They had never heard of AcroYoga before.

We struggled with some of our more complicated washing machines today, but we always have fun with Ninja Star. My back was covered in sand!

After our practice we went for a walk down the beach to Stonesteps while the sun set into the ocean. It nice and cool on the beach compared to inside our home during this heatwave.

As we walked towards Stonesteps Beach, we passed the recent cliff collapse. It was a small one, but the waves at high tide are slowly eating away at the sandstone and creating an overhang in the areas without a seawall. I don't know if I would risk sitting so close to the eroding bluff after the three people died from a collapse last year near Grandview Beach.

Returning home from the beach, we walked down the street to eat at Kai Ola. We have eaten here many times but it was our first time eating in the outdoor corridor between them and Solterra Winery. We shared the Rajin Cajun Tuna Sashimi, delicious with the avocado and cajun seasoning. Tori ordered the Grand View Roll while I had the Chicken Katsu. I love their potato salad!

On Sunday, we went for another beach walk. Starting at Beacons, we walked all the way south to Moonlight Beach and ate an early dinner in Downtown Encinitas. It was our first time checking out the Outdoor Seating set up in the parking spots along the Coast Highway. We would have eaten there but it was still too sunny on that side of the street so we ate in the shade at Beachside Bar & Grill.

The sun was setting as we walked back home along the beach. One of the V-22 Osprey aircraft from the U.S. Marines flew past us along the coast. It was moving slow with its tilt-rotors in helicopter mode. This transport craft replaced the CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters.

The clouds were reflecting off the wet sand at low tide as we stopped to practice our Counter Balancing poses. We tried a new variant of the Reverse Thigh Stand where I held lower on Tori's legs above the knees instead of at her hips. We both liked this version better!

Update: 8/30/20

We went for another walk on Beacons Beach the following weekend. We planned to walk north, but the surf was too high against the protruding Seawall.

We walked down to Stonesteps Beach and back. The High Tide was coming in against the seawalls but it wasn't too bad on the South Side of Beacons.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

AcroYoga at Beacons Beach (Flyer View)

On Saturday, Tori and I walked down to our local beach to escape the heat wave and practice our AcroYoga. We walked halfway between Beacons and Stonesteps Beach along the sand and found a nice spot in front of the H's Seawall. It was almost high tide so you can see the high waterline in Tori's handstand picture below.

With Tori wearing the GoPro camera on a chest harness, we filmed a few washing machines to see how they would look from the Flyer's View. It looked pretty good in the Ninja Star Washing Machine. You can see a panoramic view of the ocean as Tori rotated through Reverse Bird and the seawall as she flipped over into Back Fly.

The Flyer View of the Papaya Twist Washing Machine (aka Sit and Spin) was pretty good too. You can see my footwork as Tori rotates in both directions and I come into view everytime she returns to the I-Throne position. A tiny wave makes an appearance but the ocean is only visible for brief moments.

Here was our first attempt at the Papaya Twist when a small incoming wave interfered. I managed to stay dry by raising my head and shoulders as the water ran under our towel.

We also performed the Four Step Washing Machine with Tori wearing the GoPro. It mostly filmed the sky and the top of the seawall so I left it out of this post.

Sunday, August 09, 2020

AcroYoga at Law Street (Four Step and Papaya Twist)

Four Step Washing Machine - We have been performing this fun machine for awhile now but we have never had a nice video of it.

Papaya Twist (aka Sit and Spin) Washing Machine - We have been struggling with this unforgiving machine for awhile now. If we don't make each step perfectly, it easily falls apart. We can do it now but we fail more than we succeed.

In Pacific Beach, we found a nice grassy spot at Law Street Beach to practice our AcroYoga on Saturday. It was beautiful sunny day with a nice breeze. We never managed to make it down here for the Friday Night AcroJams before the pandemic cancelled all the group get-togethers. I always stretch for at least a half hour to loosen up my tight hips and hamstrings before Tori jumps up on my feet. I loved the beautiful view while in my Downward Dog position.

After filming some of our Washing Machines, we cooled down by taking some Base View photos of Tori in Straddle Throne. The first picture is with the GoPro and the second with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. You can see a big difference between the two different wide-angle lenses. I then handed Tori the camera to take the pictures below from her flyer's perspective.

After AcroYoga, we went for food at Dave's Hot Chicken in their new Pacific Beach location. Because of no indoor seating during the pandemic, we walked to my truck and had a tailgate lunch in the shade. We tried the Hot, Medium and Mild versions. I love spice, but even the Mild had a great seasoning flavor. In the future, I would order the Hot served in their Slider with the cooling pickles and kale slaw and enjoy the Medium Tender wrapped alone in the piece of white bread they provide.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

AcroYoga (Flowering Trees and Bologna Gourmet)

Flowers are blooming all around the neighborhood, but the bright blossoms of the Red Flowering Gum Tree caught our attention. During our weekend AcroYoga practice, we took a few base view photos under the Western Australian tree swarming with pollinating honeybees.

Nearby, the Golden Medallion Tree with its rings of yellow flowers was also in bloom. This attractive tree is native to Brazil. Tori's hat fell off while in Star Pose but I really like how her released hair flowed down my legs in waves.

In the past we have tried taking some photos with Tori wearing a GoPro on her chest to show the Flyer's Perspective. This time we tried a couple poses with Tori holding an iPhone over her head instead. I think the Straddle Throne pose looks the best.

After our AcroYoga practice, we were hungry and excited to try the new restaurant, Bologna Gourmet, that opened right before the coronavirus pandemic in the Carlsbad Gateway Center near our work. When I saw their sign, I had assumed that Bologna Gourmet was another of the artisan food suppliers that populate this isolated business park, but the four new tables in the parking lot to satisfy the state-mandated outdoor seating caught my attention during my drive home from work.

I will start by saying that the meal cooked by the Italian owners from the northern region of Italy near Bologna was amazing! To start, Tori and I shared a Cesarina Salad with Anchovies. I had the Caramelle Pasta with Marinara. The perfectly-cooked candy shaped pasta was stuffed with Prosciutto, Pork Loin and Mortadella while Tori had the Rigatoni Pasta with Vodka Sauce. We both considered the sauces the best we have ever had! The warm tasty bread was perfect for sopping up our extra sauce. We can't wait to come back!