Sunday, July 08, 2001

Scuba Diving in La Jolla, CA

Well, we went scuba diving today. It was great but I am exhausted. The water was pretty clear down at La Jolla Cove. It was crowded down there. Another beautiful day. My favorite part was swimming through the small kelp forest as the kelp stocks rose around us to the surface above. Lots of Garibaldis were checking us out. They are the California State Fish. They are bright orange and they are afraid of nothing. It is illegal to hunt them. It would be too easy to kill them because they never try to escape.

They put a lifeguard tower on my beach this summer. It is a good thing if it saves lives but at the same time it feels like they put a leash on the beach. Not so wild anymore.

Update: 8/26/01

I went scuba diving again with my friend, Chris. It was fun even though the visibility sucked a bit. About 5 feet! It is very peaceful and such a strange experience. I saw a couple lobsters inside a hole in the reef. Chris wanted me to grab one of them because he wasn't wearing any gloves. Yeah, right!!!!!

I had interesting moment. We were following the bottom and I was behind Chris when all of a sudden I felt something big hit one of my fins behind me. I thought, "Oh, Shit!" and looked behind me and saw that we had gone back into the shallow end and a swimmer had kicked me from up above. I wonder who was more startled, him or me. I can imagine swimming and looking down and seeing something big and dark swimming below me that I had kicked. Crazy!