Friday, August 31, 1990

Letter from Army Basic Training #1

Hello Dad,

We got our M-16's yesterday and we practised with bayonets. The "Butt Stroke" and the "Slash and Thrust" were some of the moves we learned.

I also got another painful shot yesterday for the American Measles. They use one of those pressurized shotguns.

I am getting good at marching in formation, shining my boots, and cleaning the barracks. I've had KP twice, Tuesday and today. My job is to pull dishes out of the dishwasher and stack them.

Two other guys and I got dropped, had to do push-ups and flutter-kicks, for about 15 minutes because we didn't tell the guy next to us his hat was crooked.

Today was pay day. We cashed our checks and got Traveler Checks. I'm sending home $200 worth in this envelope. Could you keep them in a safe place until I get home?

A Co. 3rd BN 26th Inf
Fort Dix, NJ 08640-7031