Wednesday, January 28, 1998

Cantamar Sand Dunes in Baja, Mexico

Mary Ann and I went down to Tijuana, Mexico in her car to do some shopping. The driving in TJ is always a little freaky but Mary Ann was fearless and aggressive as any of the city's taxi drivers. I was very impressed. After hanging out a bit, we decided to explore further south and headed towards Ensenada. The coastline scenery along the windy toll road was great as always.

We were heading south of Puerto Nuevo (famous for its lobsters) as the sun was going down and we saw a large sand dune field alongside the road. We decided to check it out, so we exited onto the free road at the little village of Punta Cantamar and parked at the edge of town. We left our car and went through a metal gate onto the dunes. This is the first sand dunes I had seen since visiting the dune field in France. I had a fun time there with Greg, but I am still bummed that our pictures from there were lost when our camera was stolen.

The sand dunes were beautiful but there was lots of broken glass so we had to be careful where we stepped as we explored. Near the beach, we found a nice a little spot away from the people riding motorcycles and ATV's. We had a fun time jumping off the side of dunes into the soft sand below and watching the sun go down.

We were hungry when we got back to the car, so we decided to head back to Rosarito which is 15 minutes north of Puerto Nuevo. We walked around the Rosarito Beach Hotel and ate a nice dinner before driving home.

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  1. Great pictures! That trip looks like it was a lot of fun. I am impressed that you have had this blog since the '90s.