Monday, April 11, 2016

AcroYoga, Creole Cooking and the Rocky Horror Show

Tori and I went to the AcroJam at Aerial Revolution on Saturday with Tommy, Kenny and Jill. Since my hip-flexor injury last year, I have been relegated to spotting or basing with only my arms. It was great to test out my legs for the first time in eleven months and the old positions came back just like riding a bike. Nathan was very helpful and taught us three new fun sequences to work on. Now I just have to see how my hip responds to all the new activity.

After AcroYoga, we all went over to see Tommy's new place in North Park. It was in a great little spot right off the I-805 and within walking distance to all the neighborhood restaurants. We ended up going to Encontro, a casual craft restaurant where you order at the counter. Everything tasted great and I thought the Flat Iron Steak Sandwich was tender and perfectly cooked.

On Sunday, we drove down to Old Town to have dinner at the New Orleans Creole Cafe with Kenny, Jill, Dave and Lindsay before going to see the Rocky Horror Show. The restaurant is located in the historic Whaley House Garden in two houses built in the 19th century. The kitchen takes up the yellow house next to the outdoor patio and the indoor seating is in the white house on the other side. Since it was the last night before the restaurant closes for 45 days, they were running low on a few items. Tori got the last Sweet Tea and I ordered one of the final three servings of Jambalaya. It was delicious, savory with large chunks of chicken, savoie sausage and butterflied shrimp. I tasted a bit of everyone's dishes and I thought Tori's Chicken Creole was second best with its yummy tomato sauce. Dave loved his Crawfish Etouffe. Due to the eminent closing, we missed out on their beignets so I want to come back when they reopen.

After dinner, we walked over to the Old Town Theatre to see the Rocky Horror Show performed by the Cygnet Theatre Company. The first time Tori sneaked out of the house as a teenager was to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the La Paloma near where we grew up but I had never been myself. I have only seen the movie once on a VHS tape. Normally, I don't care for plays that much but I found this one very enjoyable. I thought Sean Murray and Danny Hansen as Dr. Frank 'N' Furter and Rocky respectively were the highlights. I enjoyed seeing the live band above the stage accompanying the singing actors.