Monday, April 15, 1996

Army Reserves - End of Drills

I have finished my last weekend drill for the Army Reserves. No more early morning wake-ups for my monthly weekend drill or using my two-week paid vacation from work on my yearly Army Training. My company is going to Panama for this year's two-week duty so I am a little bummed I will miss that, but Oh Well!

I have two more years left in the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) where I am still listed in the computer for emergency call-up before I receive my discharge from the Army.

I ended my active service as a Specialist, an E-4, one step away from becoming a Sergeant. If I had decided to re-enlist, I would have gone for my promotion this year.

I wrapped up my Army experience with a fun party at my house for all my Army buddies.

Friday, March 15, 1996

Ski Trip to Snow Summit

Snow Summit Trail Map
I went to Big Bear to go skiing at Snow Summit with Greg and my brother, Jake. It has been a pretty dry winter so the snow conditions haven't been the best. We spent most of the time in the terrain park on the jumps.

Noah making a small ski jump at Snow Summit
We had a fun time but I got the worst sunburn of my life because I stupidly thought I didn't need sunscreen.

Tuesday, February 27, 1996

Trip to Rosarito, Mexico

A group of us rented a big van and went down to Rosarito, Mexico. We stopped for lunch at a restaurant that Ken recommended on the way down. The food was really good and the view was great from our table out on the patio atop a sea cliff.

The group in front of the Rosarito Beach Hotel
In Rosarito, we pretty much did a bar crawl starting at the Rosarito Beach Hotel and ending up across town at Papas & Beer at the end of the night. There are great coastal views in Rosarito of the Coronados, the small rocky islands were I learned to scuba dive last year.