Saturday, November 14, 2015

Flying Trapeze - Cameron (5 Years Old)

Tori's friend, Harmony, was in town from Japan so we we went out to Trapeze High to see them today. While Harmony owns a flying trapeze troop in a traveling Japanese circus, she was staying in Dave and Lindsay's trailer so her two little daughters could practice on a rig with safety lines. Cameron and Tatum were so cute!

While Tatum was not as excited about flying as her older sister, Cameron loved it. Five year old Cami went up again and again to practice her tricks. Since she already knew how to land in the net safely, she didn't wear the heavy safety lines except for learning new tricks. It was funny to see how the net hardly bounced when either of them landed in it. It was fun hanging out with them and going out to dinner at Pho Saigon Express afterwards.

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