Sunday, November 01, 2015

Halloween and AcroYoga at Swami's

We didn't dress up for Halloween this year but we still went trick-or-treating with our niece, Nyla, and her older brothers, Ryder and Emery. There was a lot of people on Neptune Avenue as we made our way down to Stone Steps and back. Ryder had a big fishing net for his candy which I ended up carrying for him after it got too heavy.

Even though I am resting my injured hip flexors, we went to Swami's Beach so Tori could practice her AcroYoga at the Sunday gathering. Tori wanted to learn the Foot to Hand position so she worked with Amanda on several variations of Throne before standing up in the base's hands. Tori picked it up very quickly and looked very stable.

After learning the safe way to fall out of Star, Tori practiced her Free Star with a renewed confidence. Before we left, she made several attempts balancing in the difficult Hand to Hand position but she could only hold it for a couple seconds at a time. She wants to work on her handstand so she can hold it longer.

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