Saturday, November 07, 2015

Flying Trapeze - Line Pulling

Tori and I recently stopped working every Saturday at Trapeze High. With my hip flexors injury, I haven't been able to catch and Tori is a little burned out from catching both classes. Since she is still available as a substitute catcher, we went out this morning to work the first class for Chris.

While I can't catch, it was fun working on my safety line-pulling skills. I can get tongue-tied at times so the hardest part is shouting out the rapid commands for the flyers. (Plus, trying to avoid a crink in my neck by looking up too much.)

One of today's flyers turned out to be Sarah, who was in the same class when Tori tried flying trapeze for the first time many years ago. Now Sarah is back after a long layoff and getting her Knee Hang caught by Tori.

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