Friday, March 12, 2004

Costa Rica Trip - Part 3

After 2 afternoons at Playa Langosta, with dropping water temperatures, we decided to explore further down the coast. (At Playa Tamarindo, the water temp had dropped into the chilly 60's. Crazy!) The owner of a local surf shop told us the place to go was Playa Avellena.

After driving 15 kilometers of a dusty dirt road we found it, a beautiful sandy beach with 3-4 foot waves and perfect barrels. Right next to it's little parking lot is a small restaurant shack that makes great pizzas and smoothies and a shaded area to relax in comfortable wooden chairs under the shade of palm trees. You have to share the beach though with a huge pig who spends half it's time in the shade of a tree and the other half cooling off in the ocean. (The little restaurant takes it's name from the pig, Lola's)

This is my favorite spot so far and the water temp is much warmer.

The reason I haven't mentioned the food is that the Costa Rican specialty seems to be Arroz con Pollo, Rice with Chicken. Most of the places just serve American-style food, pizza and hamburgers. But, we found a nice little place run by some French ex-pats that serves the best food around here, I think.

So far we have had two great days at Playa Avellena. Tomorrow we might head a little further down the coast to Playa Negra or up the Coast to Playa Grande which is also a sea turtle nesting grounds.

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