Sunday, March 14, 2004

Costa Rica Trip - Part 4

Monkeys! I have finally seen monkeys in the wild. We were at the beach when a family of them moved through the trees right above our heads. They were only about 5 feet above us, so close! It was amazing how agile they are in switching from tree to tree using their tail to help them. Sigh! I wish I was a monkey.

I noticed that all the restaurants here in Costa Rica seem to each have their own little contingent of dogs wandering around the tables with the occasional cat thrown in. And there are these birds that like to sit in the middle of the dirt roads on the way home at night from the beach that like to wait and spring up in front of the headlights at the last possible second. I almost have a heart attack every time.

Tamarindo is allot quieter tonight with all the spring breakers heading home this morning. I don't know if that is good or bad. The Papagayo winds finally died down this morning and the temperature and humidity really shot up. I miss them all ready.

Well, today is our last day on the coast. We spent the day down at Playa Negra and had lunch at Pablo Picasso's where the "hamburgers are bigger than your head!". The waves finally got over-head height and my brother Justin was really tearing it up. I had a pretty nightmare session myself. I went over-the-falls on my first wave and almost got hit by a longboard as I was paddling back out. (It barely bounced over my head) And my last wave I surfed right into some rocks sticking up out of the water and wiped out. I could feel the rocks right under my hands in the water.

We are heading inland tomorrow to Costa Rica's still active volcano, Arenal. Hopefully it will spewing some ash while we are there. Other than that we will just check out the hot springs and some waterfalls.

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