Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Costa Rica Trip - Part 2

Wow! I thought the waves in front of the hotel were good after three really fun surf sessions on Monday, but yesterday afternoon we went and surfed at Playa Langosta, a ten minute drive down the coast. Those are the best looking waves I have ever seen in real life. I caught a couple of the best waves I have ever ridden. The surf spot is right at the mouth of an estuary which contains crocodiles and a great view of the coastline.

The water has been very cold according to the locals. For me the water has felt the same temperature as a warm summer day in san Diego. The water was several degrees colder at Playa Langosta, a guy near me in the water was shivering with chattering teeth, but I felt fine.

It looks like the boat trip to Witches' Rock is out. The Papagayos, the strong off-shore winds that blow in February and March, turn it into unsurfable mush. (Justin accidentally lost hold of his board during a strong gust and we watched in horror as it bounced down the beach for about fifty yards. No harm done though!) But if all we did was surf Playa Langosta for the rest of the trip, I would still be stoked. We are going back tonight and I am definitely taking my camera.

P.S. This is better than Fiji! No mosquitoes, no no-see-ums, no rain, no 5am wake up calls if you want to surf, no strong current trying to pull you off the point and no sea lice.

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