Monday, March 08, 2004

Costa Rica Trip - Part 1

It is beautiful here in Costa Rica. Friendly people, great weather! I can see the ocean from this internet cafe. There is a strong offshore wind blowing and we are just waiting for the tide to come in during the afternoon for the waves to get bigger. We have this great hotel room facing the water only 50 yards from the shore.

It was a beautiful drive to Tamarindo and only the last 15 miles were dirt road. The semis rule the road here but I soon got the local knack of passing slow pokes on the one lane highway.

Two of our three bags got left behind in Guatemala, including the board bag with our three surfboards :( but the airline was very nice and drove them the 4 hour drive to our hotel late last nite after they located them. We where so desperate to surf after watching all the cool waves last night without our boards that we went out first thing this morning when the waves were only a foot high. Still with perfect little barrels.

We are going to try and surf Witches Rock later in the week. It is that famous spot in the national park that was filmed so beautifully in Endless Summer II.

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