Sunday, March 29, 2020

AcroYoga - Naked Singularity Washing Machine

Tori and I found a nice quiet spot on the green belt in Village Park to practice a new AcroYoga Washing Machine called Naked Singularity. It resembles the Ninja Star machine in that both contain transitions between the Reverse Bird and Back Fly poses, but the Naked Singularity contains an extra step that switches the direction of the machine after every rotation.

The hardest part is that the hand grip coming out of Reverse Bird is the opposite grip from what we are used to with Ninja Star. We had to train ourselves to unlearn that normal grip. This second video is from the Base View of this asymmetrical washing machine.

We started learning Naked Singularity this past month from the Patreon lesson of Jacob Brown and Debbie Collis. They have excellent tutorials that breakdown each step of their posted Washing Machines.

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