Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Life in the Time of Coronavirus (COVID-19 Pandemic)

Here is a random selection of photos I took during the COVID-19 Pandemic of closed beaches, store lines, mask wearing, social distancing, video chats, home baking, etc.

Grocery stores like Trader Joe's had lines outside to limit the amount of shoppers inside their smaller stores. Larger stores like Walmart had spaced out lines at check-out instead. Toilet Paper, disinfectant and other cleaning supplies were in short supply with empty aisles. Restaurants were allowed to stay open but only for Take-Out. Parking on our normally crowded street was much less with the no inside dining at restaurants.

Beaches, Parks and Hiking Trails were eventually closed but we got one last socially-distant walk in at low tide before the city blocked the access points.

Video of the Red Tide at Stone Steps Beach. The bio-luminescent waves were mesmerizing!

With all the barbershops closed, Tori gave me a Mohawk yesterday. It was her first time shaving anyone’s head with a set of clippers.

Hot Dog on a Stick had parked their stand outside the American Legion Post in downtown Encinitas this weekend so Tori and I walked two miles to reach them for an afternoon snack. Since the access at Stonesteps Beach was now open, we walked along the beach to get there. (The Red Tide was still in full effect with the darkened water.) We were required to wear face masks on the stairs. There was a lot of people strolling near the water but everyone was spaced out. We ordered ice-cold Lemonade and the Pepperjack Cheese on a Stick! We both love the melty cheese. I also had a corn dog with lots of mustard.

Outdoor Only Seating has become a requirement throughout the country during the Pandemic. Here are two local restaurants that have adjusted by expanding seating into their parking lots. I like it, it has given the town a European feel.

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