Tuesday, October 09, 1990

Letter from Army Basic Training #8

Hey Dad,

Here are the portrait pictures I was talking about. I've already sent about 7 off. There are also three pictures of my platoon in here. I am in the top row. I got Jordan and your letters. I also got a letter from Greg and sent Jake a birthday present, red U.S. Army sweat pants. I think he will like them.

Basic Training Army Portrait
I passed my PT Test. I am so Happy!!! I did 33 push-ups, 57 sit-ups and 14:30 on the 2 mile run. My platoon also won the PT Plaque because we had the most people to pass the first time.

Basic Training 3rd Platoon
Only a week left. You probably shouldn't send any more mail to this address because I will probably be gone before it gets here. I will send you my new address as soon as I get it.

There are four major tests or things you have to qualify with here at Basic Training. Only one more thing left, the (EOCT) or End-Of-Cycle-Test. We take it tomorrow. I think it will be easy.

Have I told you about Bubba yet? He is a guy in my platoon who comes from Encinitas too. He lived on North Vulcan. It's pretty weird that all the way across the continent there is a guy who lived like almost across the street. He is a pretty nice guy. His real name is Arthur Gomez.

Oh well, the next time I'll write you will be from Aberdeen.

A Co. 3rd BN 26th Inf
Fort Dix, NJ 08640-7031


  1. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Any way I can get a copy of this picture. My husband was in this unit. His name was PVT Larry T Krieger. If anyone served with him can you reach out. Thank you

    1. If you right-click the picture in the post, you can save the image to your computer. :)