Sunday, September 30, 1990

Letter from Army Basic Training #7

Hey, Dad.

I got your letter. Thanks for the money. I'm doing fine. This past week has been sort of a slow week. We had KP, Monday and Thursday. I hate KP, all we do all day is clean. Because my platoon had KP, we missed the obstacle course and night fire. That's where you get to shoot in automatic with tracer rounds.

We got our uniforms Tuesday. They're pretty fancy. I can't wait till I get to wear it. Friday was not a very good day. We had Drill Competition that morning and we came in second. We got a streamer for our flag but we didn't win like we were expecting to. Our Drill Sergeant said that our grader was the hardest of the two. We also lost the Barracks Maintenance streamer for this week for the first time. We lost by two points, just like in the Drill Competition. It we had won it this week, we would have been able to keep the streamer permanently. We think that the First Sergeant let one of the other platoons win because they were complaining that we were always winning.

We also went to Evening Colors that day. That's were we have to stand perfectly still in the positions of Attention and Parade Rest for about a hour. We have to compete against other companies for the Evening Colors streamer. One guy in 2nd Platoon fainted during the ceremony. In one of the female companies, five girls passed out. Our company didn't win, but again we think there is foul play involved. One of the reviewers who graded our company was a Drill Sergeant for our company and was kicked out. Our Company Commander said that we had deserved to win. He said that several officers had come up to him and congratulated him for winning who were at the ceremony. He said that they were surprised when they found out we didn't win because they thought we looked the best.

Saturday, we had phase testing and we phased into the Blue Phase. We also took a PT test in the morning. I did 34 push-ups, 46 sit-ups and ran the 2-mile in 14:39. I qualified in everything. That means in 2 weeks when we take the APRT Test, I will pass. The requirements are only 32 push-ups, 42 sit-ups and 15:54 on the run. I'm pretty happy about that. In the beginning of Basic Training, I was pretty worried.

I put two pictures that I had taken in a photo booth last week during pass in the envelope for you to look at. They have paper stuck to them because I stuck them in my pocket when they were still wet. I got one of those disposable cameras. I have taken a few pictures already. I'll send it home when all 24 pictures are taken. I'm waiting for next week when we go on Tactical Bivouac before I take the rest of the pictures. I hope they all come out good.

We get paid Monday and we also get our portraits next week. I'll send those when I get them. Well, I've been sitting around too long. I got to clean this room. I'll call soon as I get a chance.

Love, Noah

A Co. 3rd BN 26th Inf
Fort Dix, NJ 08640-7031

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