Wednesday, September 05, 1990

Letter from Army Basic Training #3


Today we practiced throwing hand grenades, yesterday we had hand-to-hand combat training. I learned a lot of throwing moves and how to land correctly. Did you get the travelers checks I sent you? Make sure you take all my maps and Automobile Club stuff out of the glove compartment of my car before you sell it, please.

I had Fireguard last night from 1 to 2 in the morning. We had gotten back to the barracks late from a religious retreat so I didn't have time to shine my boots so I did it during fireguard.

It is starting to get chilly here in the morning. Standing outside at 4:30 in the morning in a T-shit and shorts is not fun. They warm you up though with the 2 mile run and exercises.

The reason I keep writing you with this small notepad paper is because this is the only paper I carry around with me all day, so when we have a break I can write.


This morning we learned how to use a field phone, use the right radio lingo, and we also learned how to use the field radio, too. Lunch was good. I had two roast turkey sandwiches. We burn it all off though and I'm already hungry before dinner.

We did Pugil Stick training today. That's where you wear a football helmet, gloves, pads and try to beat each other with padded sticks. You try to score points against your opponent by getting a good hit on them. It was for two out of three points. I won my match, 2 to 0.

On the way back, when we were singing cadence, we screwed up and made a turn before the Drill Sergeant gave the command. He got mad and when we got back to the barracks, he made us do so many exercises that the floor was slippery with sweat.

After dinner, we used the Weaponeer, it is a piece of equipment that tells you how good a shot you are.


This morning we had another company run, 4 miles, at even a faster pace. I made the whole run without stopping or falling out of formation. We learned how to set up a claymore mine. We got another haircut today, just when it was starting to grow again. After lunch, we went to a firepower demonstration. It was so loud that we had to wear earplugs.

My platoon won the barracks award for the second time in a row. Tomorrow our company goes into the "White" phase of basic training. There are three phases, Red, White & Blue. We'll get more freedom and privileges in the white phase. I finally got my glasses.

We're going to bivouac, or camping in civilian terms, for five days and four nights. We'll concentrate on firing our M-16's at the range. We go into the gas chamber on Monday. They say don't eat very much before or you will probably throw it up.

I got your letter today. Thanks for the money. About the stolen money, they didn't take the wallet luckily. Don't send the Sports Illustrated magazines because we are not allowed to have books or magazines. How did the family portrait come out? Is Jordan and Joel having Home School again this year or are they going to Encinitas Christian school again? Could you look in the phone book under Scott Dale and send me the address and phone number, please. Thanks. I sent letters to all the relatives who asked me to write them. Well, I've written enough. Keep in contact.

I love you, Noah!

A Co. 3rd BN 26th Inf
Fort Dix, NJ 08640-7031

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