Friday, February 22, 2019

Rainbows and Rain Clouds

It was a wonderful view from my office in Carlsbad yesterday. A Double Rainbow fell from the sky on the Farmland along Sunny Creek Road. The wind was howling, carry horizontal raindrops from the rain clouds across the valley while I took this picture.

Our building looked like it was floating up in the clouds while outgassing from our giant Liquid Nitrogen tanks briefly covered the parking lot during their refilling. Our atmosphere is approximately 78% Nitrogen. This is the same harmless vapors you see coming off of Liquid Nitrogen when they make instant Ice Cream at children's birthday parties.

Rain clouds before a brief thunderstorm moved in yesterday. I had been hoping for a beautiful sunset when I climbed up onto the roof, but I was happy to see this awesome view instead.

All the rain storms have washed the beach sand out to sea. At Beacons Beach, the turbulent ocean was brown near the shore.

My video of the Double Rainbow in Carlsbad.

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