Sunday, May 31, 1998

Trip to Denver, Colorado

My company sent me on a business trip to Denver to learn some new software from our office there. Mary Ann came with me as well and we had a great time checking out the city, visiting the downtown restaurants and shops as well as Coors Field. I have always heard about the effects of the altitude here in the Mile High City, but I never understood it until now. It made me feel as weak as a kitten.

Mary Ann and I also visited her favorite cousin who lives here in Denver. He is an inventor of mining equipment and he showed us around his cool-looking shop. He then took us for a drive around the city and into the nearby mountains to visit the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. It is an open-air amphitheatre which has hosted many famous bands and televised concerts. Large natural rock formations jut out on either side of the seating area to give the amphitheatre it's perfect acoustics.

Mary Ann's cousin is a geologist as well and he gave us an interesting overview on how the Rocky Mountains formed and its effect on the surrounding landscape. He also showed us some cool dinosaur tracks that are over 150 million years old. They had been very well preserved because the rising mountains had pushed the tracks in the ground into a protected vertical position. We also checked out the Coors Brewery in Golden which is the world's largest single brewery.

p.s. On the news one night in our hotel room, I was shocked to find out that Phil Hartman had been murdered by his wife. He is a comedic genius and played a hilarious character on my favorite show, NewsRadio as well as Saturday Night Live. I will miss him.

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