Saturday, October 17, 2009

Roller Derby - San Diego Wildfires vs. Cincinnati Rollergirls

I went to my first Roller Derby tonight with Chad, Aimee and Laurel at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. After going to get Thai food at Siamese Basil, we went to see the match between the San Diego Wildfires & the Cincinnati Rollergirls. By the end, I still couldn't figure out how the scoring worked, but it was still exciting to watch. It reminded me a lot of short track speed skating in the Winter Olympics because they raced on a flat track.

Racing around the short concrete track, San Diego is in Orange.
Elbows being thrown during the Roller Derby.
The star on the helmet signifies the team's jammer.
They wore pads, but the girls hit the hard concrete floor many times over the hour long match. They are pretty tough. My favorite was #18, K. Lethal, one of the Jammers for the Cincinnati team. I ended up rooting for her team which won 103 to 71.

Noah after a good night at the Roller Derby.
There was a nice size crowd and everyone sits real close to the action. All the players and referees had nicknames like Kiki DiAzz, Killian Destroy or Oliver Clothesoff. Pretty Cool!


  1. Thanks for coming out to the game and thanks for rooting on Cincinnati! We had a great time in San Diego. What a fun town!

  2. I am glad you enjoyed San Diego. I just wish I had read the program explaining how the scoring works before the bout started instead of after I got home. That would have helped me out a lot. Heh! I was wondering what the hands on the hips signal meant all night.