Sunday, June 08, 2014

Flying Trapeze - Airbag Rig

We are getting more comfortable with the new Airbag Trapeze Rig. Since Dave said it was safe to land in the airbag feet first, I jumped straight from the board with a camera. For some reason, it was much scarier than hitting the bag after a trick.

Tori did a few Turnarounds with a big smile. Hello!

I haven't attempted a Knee Hang Back Flip since my very first day so it was a little scary attempting one over two years later without safety lines. The airbag makes a loud pop when you hit but it doesn't hurt at all.

Kenny worked on his Layout to the Airbag.

Update: 7/5/14

It was just over the airbag, but I threw my first Backend Splits out of safety lines today. I smacked my back against the board on the first attempt, but I finally got it right. It was also my first attempt at a Face Off, turning mid-air to land on my back in the bag instead of my stomach.  I forgot to extend my hands first.

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