Sunday, April 12, 2015

AcroYoga - Paschi Arm Balance
(Plus English Beat Concert)

Tori and I have started taking an AcroYoga class at Aerial Revolution on Thursday nights. Since my wife was already experienced with Flying Trapeze when I started, it is fun for us to learn something new together. In the first class we worked on our first form, transitioning through a series of beginner postures to help prepare us for the more advanced positions in the later forms. On Sunday, we went to the small park at Swami's Beach to practice with our friends. The picture below is of us in the last position of Form 1, the Paschi Arm Balance.

Tori and I have messed around with AcroYoga in the past but it is great to get formal instruction. Even simple tips like proper foot placement helped a lot. Trapeze and Pilates have really strengthened my core over the last three years. Back when we first started dating, I really struggled to base Tori in the simple Bird Mount. I hope we have enough experience by the end of the summer so we can participate more with it at Burning Man.

On Saturday night, we went to the English Beat concert at the Belly Up with our friends. We saw the band last year and we reserved the same loft seats as before. It is nice to have a place to sit during the opening act. The first time I saw English Beat in 2000, I danced the entire time but the floor at the Belly Up is so crowded that there is hardly enough room to move. Their songs are still great though.

My best friend, Chad, is going to India for six months so it was great to spend time with him at the concert before he leaves.

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