Sunday, May 22, 2016

Roller Derby - Buzzsaw Bunny's First Bout

Saturday afternoon, we headed downtown to the Dollhouse to watch Jill's first Roller Derby Bout. Her SoCal Derby team was playing the North County Derby Alliance (NCDA) from up in our neck of the woods. Jill (Buzzsaw Bunny) had almost a perfect Jam in her first attempt, slipping past the blockers on the outside and then juking past the pack again on the inside to score her first ever points as a Jammer.

It was a close bout for the entire match with 70-70 score at half time. Jill's team took back the lead in the closing two minutes with a high-scoring Jam to win 151 to 138. An exciting finish!

After the bout, we all walked into the Gaslamp Quarter to eat at Tin Fish before going back to Jill and Kenny's house to watch Deadpool. Very funny movie!

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