Sunday, November 12, 2017

Trapeze High - Records Day

Saturday was Records Day at Trapeze High.

Longest Plank - I achieved a personal record of 5 minutes in the first competition. The winners were Dave (11 min, 14 sec), Celeste (11 min, 4 sec), and Cami (10 min, 22 sec). We were allowed to switch back and forth from hands to elbows but Celeste stayed on her elbows the whole time. I was impressed!

Most Pull Ups -  Any hand grip was allowed as long as the competitors went all the way down and extended their chin over the bar at the top. Kenny (14), Harmony (14), Chris (12), Gina (12)

Longest Hand Stands - As you can see from the video below, Kenny tried to intimidate his main rival but it didn't work. Cami was so stable, I think she could have gone for at least another minute. Cami (35 sec), Kenny (30 sec), RJ (10 sec)

Longest Head Stands - Cami won again despite Heidi putting up a tough fight. Cami (5 min, 10 sec) Heidi (5 min, 6 sec), Kenny (4 min, 30 sec)

Most Set Swings - Keeping your legs up through the entire trapeze swing is a major abs workout. I can't even do one. Gina (30), Kenny (15), Tatum (10)

Consecutive Catch Locks - This was my second competition and I completed seven. We were only allowed two swings before starting our next lock. I thought I would be exhausted after this but all of our hand grips gave out before our muscles had a chance to get tired. Normally, there is a longer wait between catches so our hands have a chance to recover. I could barely hold onto the bar when I dismounted. Chris (14), Harmony (12), Isaac (11)

Most Swings over the Board - This competition was going on at the same time as the Catch Locks. The flyer performed a Turnaround and had to fly over the board as many times as possible. Lianna (12), Gina (12), Geri (4), Reese (4)

Highest Trapeze Swing - Chris (Adults), Reese (Teens), Tatum (Children)

Kiiking Swings - The goal of this competition was to see who could go over the top on the Kiiking Swing with the fewest amount of swings. Dave (2 1/2), Reese (4), Geri (4 1/2), Evie (4 1/2)

Most Traveling Ring Passes - RJ (10), Geri (8), Evie (6)

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