Sunday, January 14, 2018

AcroYoga - Sunset at Seaside Beach

Tori's friend Debbie is a professional photographer who recently moved out from Florida. We eagerly accepted her offer to take some pictures of our AcroYoga poses at Seaside Beach in Cardiff-by-the-Sea.



Back Fly

Back Fly Kiss

Free Star

Reverse Star - Tori had a perfect view of the approaching water about to run up my back.

Paschi Arm Balance - One of the first poses we learned.

Straddle Throne - Ninja Pose

Bird Pop - This was our highest pop yet. Debbie timed her shot perfectly!

Needle Shoulderstand

Reverse Thigh Stand

Flag - This was our first time performing the pose without a spot.

I was wet and sandy down my back but it was worth it for some great shots.

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