Sunday, August 16, 2020

AcroYoga at Beacons Beach (Flyer View)

On Saturday, Tori and I walked down to our local beach to escape the heat wave and practice our AcroYoga. We walked halfway between Beacons and Stonesteps Beach along the sand and found a nice spot in front of the H's Seawall. It was almost high tide so you can see the high waterline in Tori's handstand picture below.

With Tori wearing the GoPro camera on a chest harness, we filmed a few washing machines to see how they would look from the Flyer's View. It looked pretty good in the Ninja Star Washing Machine. You can see a panoramic view of the ocean as Tori rotated through Reverse Bird and the seawall as she flipped over into Back Fly.

The Flyer View of the Papaya Twist Washing Machine (aka Sit and Spin) was pretty good too. You can see my footwork as Tori rotates in both directions and I come into view everytime she returns to the I-Throne position. A tiny wave makes an appearance but the ocean is only visible for brief moments.

Here was our first attempt at the Papaya Twist when a small incoming wave interfered. I managed to stay dry by raising my head and shoulders as the water ran under our towel.

We also performed the Four Step Washing Machine with Tori wearing the GoPro. It mostly filmed the sky and the top of the seawall so I left it out of this post.

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