Sunday, August 09, 2020

AcroYoga at Law Street (Four Step and Papaya Twist)

Four Step Washing Machine - We have been performing this fun machine for awhile now but we have never had a nice video of it.

Papaya Twist (aka Sit and Spin) Washing Machine - We have been struggling with this unforgiving machine for awhile now. If we don't make each step perfectly, it easily falls apart. We can do it now but we fail more than we succeed.

In Pacific Beach, we found a nice grassy spot at Law Street Beach to practice our AcroYoga on Saturday. It was beautiful sunny day with a nice breeze. We never managed to make it down here for the Friday Night AcroJams before the pandemic cancelled all the group get-togethers. I always stretch for at least a half hour to loosen up my tight hips and hamstrings before Tori jumps up on my feet. I loved the beautiful view while in my Downward Dog position.

After filming some of our Washing Machines, we cooled down by taking some Base View photos of Tori in Straddle Throne. The first picture is with the GoPro and the second with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. You can see a big difference between the two different wide-angle lenses. I then handed Tori the camera to take the pictures below from her flyer's perspective.

After AcroYoga, we went for food at Dave's Hot Chicken in their new Pacific Beach location. Because of no indoor seating during the pandemic, we walked to my truck and had a tailgate lunch in the shade. We tried the Hot, Medium and Mild versions. I love spice, but even the Mild had a great seasoning flavor. In the future, I would order the Hot served in their Slider with the cooling pickles and kale slaw and enjoy the Medium Tender wrapped alone in the piece of white bread they provide.

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