Sunday, August 19, 2012

2012 Midnight Madness Bike Ride

I have now participated in five Midnight Madness Bike Rides around Downtown San Diego. This year, friends from work were dressing up for the event so Tori and I wore tutus. I planned to accessorize mine with a hockey costume, but I only wore the pads because it was too damn hot for the jersey. I was interviewed by Fox 5 while we were waiting for the ride to start, but I don't know if it made it onto the news.

This is the first year that the ride started at 9pm instead of midnight which I think that is a bad idea. The event loses some of its special madness at the earlier time. I was riding an old rusty cruiser this year instead of my road bike so I didn't mind that they also shortened the course from 18 to just 12 miles.

Riding along the harbor, my favorite photo was from when I stopped to take a 15 second exposure of the riders pedaling past. Except for the light trails from their illuminated bikes, the participants were invisible against the city backdrop. Spectators really liked my Hockey Pads-Tutu combo. Throughout the ride, I kept overhearing, "That guy's wearing a tutu!!"

At the end of the ride, I attempted the Bicycle Hopscotch set up at the finish line. (Hopping through wheel frames while carrying a bike, picking up a smaller wheel and than hopping out backwards.) It was a lot harder than I thought. Our group, "Drinking Team with a Cycling Problem", went over to the Beer Festival tent afterwards, but it was too humid and crowded inside so we didn't stay long.


  1. Anonymous5:40 AM


    I have come across an image on your blog and was wondering if it would be possible to have access to a high res copy to use as part of my entry to a design competition (full credit of image will go to you of course). The image would be used along with others as part of the following exhibition as reference to colourful activities in the city at night. The deadline for entry is shortly - the image I would like to use is of the night bike ride. Let me know if you are happy for me to use it with full credits to you. Thanks

    1. No problem. Email me at with what image you want and I will send it to you at the original resolution.