Monday, August 13, 2012

Perseid Meteor Shower - Palomar Mountain

Tori and I drove up to Palomar Mountain last night to observe the Perseid Meteor Shower that originates from the direction of the Perseus constellation. We arrived at the summit after midnight when the constellation rises above the horizon. In less than a half hour of watching, we saw more than 10 meteors shoot across the sky.

I took this picture of the city lights reflecting off the lower altitude haze with a 15 second exposure on my compact Canon S95 camera. You can see the stars shining above with the dense whiteness of the Milky Way at the center.

This picture is of the stars directly above our heads. I took several 15 second exposures hoping to capture a passing meteor. No such luck, but you can see the thicker band of stars from the Milky Way Galaxy running through the center from the lower left hand corner. The picture below shows a lovely view up my nostril as we stare up at the sky and count meteors from our beach chairs.

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