Sunday, September 18, 2005

Australia Trip - Final Part (Sydney)

It is Sunday and my last night in Sydney. The weather has been really crazy here in the city. I got my first rain here in Australia as we drove in to Sydney on Friday. I was expecting it to stay cold but the sun came out on Saturday and today with clear blue skies. It still has been pretty windy but no problem. The first night in Sydney was pretty low key. A group of us hung out at a pub and then had dinner at a Thai restaurant before calling it a night. It had been a long day driving in the coach.

Saturday was a really full day. We started out by walking to the famous Opera House in the morning and then walking across the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The views of the harbor and the city from the bridge were amazing. After a walk around the city, we went to the Sydney Aquarium. I like aquariums and this one was great because it concentrated on the fish and other aquatic animals of Australia. Checking out the platypus was my favorite part. It was a lot smaller than I expected. We finished off the day with a nice Italian dinner and a evening cruise out on the Sydney Harbor. The lights of the city were nice to view from the water.

Today I went out to Bondi Beach with some of my friends and checked out that famous Australian Beach and visited the markets they have every Sunday. There was some waves but the strong winds was making them pretty rough and formless. After the beach, we visited the Hyde Park Barracks that was constructed by and housed the convicts in the earlier times of Sydney and then we finished the night and my trip off with a visit to the Sydney Tower. It was nice to complete my trip with the panoramic night-time views of the city below us and check out all the places we visited in the city from up high.

Tomorrow I will be flying home. Damn! :)

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