Thursday, September 08, 2005

Australia Trip - Part 2 (Whitsunday Islands)

Its me again on the last night of my stay on the Whitsunday Islands. I went sailing today through the islands on a nice boat, the "Ragamuffin", a retired maxi racing yacht that had won two championships in the past and raced all over the world. We stopped for a few hours at Whitehaven Beach. The sand there is made of white silica and it was the whitest beach I have ever been on. The sand was super fine and squeaked when you walk on it. Heh!

After a nice day of sailing I went on a nice hike through the nature preserve on our island at twilight. The woods were full of wallabies, it is interesting to walk through the woods and have the little miniature kangaroos hopping around you on the trail. I was a little worried on the hike because there was hundreds of spider webs with some interesting spiders hanging in them along the side of the trail.

Yesterday was mostly a relaxing day at our resort. We played beach volleyball and I went sailing in the cove in a little two-man cateraman with one of my roommates, Craig, who is from South Africa. He knows how to sail and let me operate the boat for awhile.

Tomorrow morning we leave for Rockhampton where we will stay the night and visit a Crocodile farm.

Australia Animal Watch: I have now seen the Agile Wallaby, an Australian Brush Turkey, and two interesting Birds, the Kookaburra and the Curlew.

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