Sunday, September 30, 2012

Flying Trapeze - Full Moon Swing

Dave's birthday party was on the evening of a Full Moon so I experienced an unusual trapeze tradition last night. Swinging in the nude!

After the moon rose over the nearby hill and the shyer partiers departed, over 10 of us took turns swinging free. After 11pm, the nakedness migrated over to the trampoline and zip-line. There are no pictures of all this, of course, but here are two from before and after. (Group shot with party costumes and one with the full moon shining down on the trapeze platform after midnight.)

Before the clothes came off, Tori also recorded my Warm Up Swing out of safety lines.

The Warm Up Swing is an essential swing to learn if a flyer wants to attempt the harder tricks. This basic swing technique seems so simple, but it is very tough to get the timing and body positions correct. It's taken a couple months, but I have finally achieved a decent Seven Position at the back-end of my swing. It's a long way from the first time I tried the Warm Up Swing out of safety lines where I kept hitting my butt against the board.

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