Sunday, March 12, 2017

Roller Skating at the Dollhouse

For Jill's Birthday, she invited us down to the Dollhouse with Kenny and Tommy to skate on the two roller derby tracks. The Open Skate is only five dollars and it includes skates, pads and helmet. Tori looked cute with her matching pink helmet and wheels. With only a few people there beside us, I was able to practice my T-stops and Hockey Stops without worrying about hitting someone on a crowded rink. Kenny and Jill also taught us some fun roller derby pace line drills.

After getting our legs warmed up, we moved over to the Bank Track. It was Tori and my first time on the sloping surface and while it was easier to skate than we thought, the angle was much tougher on the feet. After a short practice jam, Tori was worn out from a turn as the Jammer.

Before taking off all our gear, I based Tori in her skates for a few AcroYoga poses. After two hours of skating, it felt good to stretch out my stiff legs with the Super Yogi pose. Jill, Kenny and Tommy joined us and I took a lot of fun pictures of them goofing around for the camera.

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