Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentines AcroYoga Workshop
(High Bird and Handstand on Knees)

Tori and I went to Bird Rock Yoga in Pacific Beach this weekend for the Valentines AcroYoga Workshop. Steven and Gina taught us a cool flow without any L-basing that ended with several standing poses. We were excited to learn the transition from Reverse Thigh Stand to Handstand on Knees since we have wanting to try it for awhile now.

I also finally based High Bird successfully. I have attempted it several times in the past but I always needed lots of hands-on assistance from my spotters. The technique Steven and Gina taught used momentum instead strength to get the flyer overhead. On my third try, I surprised myself when Tori popped straight up with little effort. I was able to repeat the pose with Gina in the video below.

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