Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Michelin Star Dining at Sushi Tadokoro
(Tori's Birthday Dinner)

For Tori's Birthday, we went to dinner at Sushi Tadokoro in Old Town San Diego. I learned of the restaurant when it was awarded its first Michelin Star in 2021. We considered the Omakase Course but we ordered à la carte as we sat at the bar instead, trying a range of Sashimi, Nigiri and Cut Rolls that peaked our interest.

T,Y,S Sashimi (Tuna, Yellowtail and Salmon) - We started with a selection of sashimi. We enjoyed all three but surprisingly our favorite was the salmon. We tried it first, thinking it would be our least favorite, but it blew us both away with its flavor and creamy texture.

Grilled Chilean Sea Bass - Marinated for four days in Miso Paste, this mouth-watering cut of fish with a buttery texture was so delicious. The savory flavor was the definition of Unami.

San Diego Roll / Crunchy Roll - We are glad we shared these two tasty cut rolls to help fill us up. Without them, we would probably have needed to break the bank to feel full after our meal. The Crunchy Roll with Shrimp Tempura is an old favorite and we enjoyed a new one, the San Diego Roll adding Mexican flavors with avocado and salsa to the Spicy Yellowtail. 

Aji / Salmon Nigiri Sushi - While the Aji (Horse Mackerel) normally migrates around the coast of Japan, our chef told us this was Seki Aji of the Saganoseki region, Oita Prefecture, caught only with a pole and line in the winter. It is a premium fish that swims in the rough waves of the Bungo Channel, combining the fattiness of an in-shore population with the muscular firmness of the pelagic aji out in the open ocean. Since we loved the salmon sashimi from our first dish, we had to have another piece in nigiri form with rice and a dollop of wasabi. Wonderful! I could have eaten ten more.

Seared Tuna Sashimi - Our last perfect dish was the tuna, pan seared with Garlic and Black Pepper and served with Ponzu Sauce. Each bite was heaven!

Black Sesame Ice Cream - It was our first time trying this type of ice cream. It was delicious with a savoriness that we were not expecting. I couldn't tell if it was coming from the ice cream or the sauce since I was not able to get a bite of the ice cream without the sauce.

Next time we come, we definitely want to try the Omakase Course. The word, Omakase, translates as "I leave it up to you" which means we would enjoy a long series of seasonal delicacies chosen by the chef.

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