Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wine Tasting in Temecula Valley

View of Temecula Valley from Falkner Winery
I went wine tasting in Temecula Valley on Sunday with Greg, Barb, Chad, Fatima, Dave, Tiffany and Condorman. This was my second trip to the valley, but I was a designated driver the first time so I didn't get a chance to enjoy the fruits of the valley. We had a limousine drive us around the valley so I was able to drink irresponsibly this time. Heh!

Noah molesting window at Falkner Winery
Our first stop was Falkner Winery that is in a picturesque spot up on a hill. It had a hunting lodge feel with a nice wooden deck and a band playing out on the lawn. We tried the "Combo" tasting which includes five regular wines and three of their premium wines and a souvenir wine glass. Each had different color poker chips to turn in for a pour. I really liked their Italian-style red wines, the Cello and the Amante.

Noah sniffing wine at Wilson Creek Winery
Next up, we went to Wilson Creek Winery. It was pretty crowded, so we hung out at their backroom counter among the wine barrels. I didn't really care for the selection of wines there. The Zinfandel was way too strong for my taste. I did like the Chocolate Port that was served in a shot glass made of chocolate at the end.

Everyone huddling up for a group shot
Our next stop was Callaway Vineyard. It is the most industrial looking of the wineries I have seen here, but they had good wine and I like there wine tasting room with its big picture windows and nice views of the valley. Hanging out on the grass outside waiting for the limo, we got to enjoy the boiling hot, humid air that was in Temecula this weekend.

Relaxing in the grass at Callaway Vineyard
We bought a couple bottles of Callaway's wines to take with us to Maurice Car'rie Vineyard to get some of their Famous Baked Brie in Sourdough Bread. We tried to keep the bottles hidden as we ate the bread and cheese at a picnic table on the front lawn. It was delicious.

Stopping for the Famous Baked Brie at Maurice Carrie Vineyard
Our last stop was at the Leonesse Cellars. It is at the end of the valley but in a beautiful spot and in a pretty cool looking building that had just been renovated. I was pretty toasted by then and I don't think I was able to appreciate the quality of their wines. We had a fun time singing along to the radio in the limousine between the wineries and on the trip back home.

View of the vineyards from Leonesse Cellars

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